Tableau Vivant Nouveau With Puppets

Quite simply, Tableau Vivant Nouveau art coming to life. This example is a recreation of a painting through live performance, originally inspired music, and puppets!  I really like the cute little puffer fish puppet in the video.  The piece has been created by a newly founded art group called “The Imaginary Light Bulb Factory” from Sarasota, Florida.  They do not have a website yet but there will be one to follow soon.

This New Art Group is a worldwide Art Networking Troupe of Artists that features everything from Art Shows on Location to Avant Garde Theatre, Experimental Projects, Tableau Vivant Nouveau’s “Art Come to Life”, and any other great interdisciplinary ideas. “The Imaginary Lightbulb Factory” was founded and is directed by Michael Pukac and Dicapria Del Carpio.  The show was inspired by the art of Michael Pukac and Rye McNeil.

More performance than plain puppetry, it is a great example of how puppets can be used in a variety of applications.

Thanks to Dicapria for the link.


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