Apollo’s Pad on Teletoon Canada!

Well, it would seem that for the many fans of the internet series Apollo’s Pad, your prayers have been answered.  Many people have asked for the series to be on television, and now it is!  Apollo’s Pad has just inked a deal that will see eight, 11 minute episodes on their late night time slot as a “test run” on Teletoon (East) here in Canada.  It would be a part of their “Teletoon at Night” segments.

I caught two of those episodes last night and I was amazed with how engaging the episodes were.  Super pacing and really well edited.  I found myself wanting more.  Now as a warning, the humour is not for everyone and the show intentionally tries to “push the envelope”.  It runs right after Robot Chicken and much of the humour is very similar.  So if you are easily offended, or do not like Robot Chicken, then Apollo’s Pad is NOT for you.  This is definitely not a kid’s show and should only be watched by mature audiences.

You can catch these episodes on Sunday nights at 10:30 pm.  The show is made by the same people who brought you Mr. Meaty.

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